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New Construction? You Should Still Have An Agent!

Many people believe that they do not need a Real Estate Agent when they are making a "New Construction" purchase. In actualilty, this is the scenario that you may need them most. Sure, it sounds great...everything in one bucket, so to speak, makes things much easier to wade through. But a home purchase is a complicated transaction. For most people, it is the most important transaction they will make in their lifetime.

Most new construction is built by large, national CONGLOMERATE development companies. I use the term conglomerate for a reason. They typically own the development company, the title company, the lender and any number of other entities that are required for your transaction. Although you may be "forced" to use these companies to receive all the financial incentives to buy their home, this doesn't mean they should go unchecked. Without a knowledgable professional on your side (and these people don't fit that mold), things can, and will, be swept under the rug in the interest of speed and THEIR profit. That is where I come in. And the beauty is that it doesn't cost you a thing. The seller pays the commissions for both agents and you get free, professional advice with YOUR interests in mind.

The picture above is of my last buyer closing. A beautiful Richmond Home in Ocean Terrace in Jacksonville Beach. Although things went very well with the builder, without my buyer pulling from one direction and me pushing from the other, we would have never closed on the 29th of the month. That would have meant another month rent, electric, storage, etc. Another month could have easily cost my buyer $3,000. Isn't that worth having an agent for?

So whether you are looking for old or new, I've got you covered!